“Mike Hammer has been doing all the work on my flutes for almost 30 years. He has always done an excellent job, and I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. It’s always a pleasure to work with him and his whole crew!”

David Cramer
Associate Principal Flute, The Philadelphia Orchestra

I’ve entrusted my instruments to Mike Hammer’s expert care since I was 12 years old. He’s an impeccable craftsman, who brings tremendous expertise and experience, meticulous attention, and integrity to his work. From the finest professional instruments to student or intermediate ones, he puts every instrument in the best shape and addresses the needs of every client with personalized service and genuine caring. Knowing that Mike has worked on my flutes gives me confidence for my intense performance and travel schedule. I will continue to bring my flutes to Mike for their checkups and repairs, and to recommend his studio to my students.

Mimi Stillman
Flutist, Artistic Director, Dolce Suono Ensemble

“Michael Hammer’s exceptional ability to analyze mechanical issues, and then creatively find solutions is unparalleled. However what sets Michael apart is not just his careful attention to my instruments, but his sincere consideration for me as a person, and as an artist. The time he takes to share his thoughts both before, and after his work, give me an even greater understanding of my instruments.”

Ron Kerber
Saxophonist & Woodwind Artist Professor, University of the Arts

“I have been going to Hammer Woodwinds for repair and adjustment work on all my instruments since 1988. Mike’s work is incomparable. In addition to normal maintenance and overhauls Mike has done extraordinary custom key work for me. He converted my plateau system basset horn to ring keys which freed up and evened out the response of the instrument. He also designed and built a new fully chromatic thumb key system for my beloved old low-C Selmer bass clarinet.

The shop is also well stocked with new and used instruments and accessories and I have bought several of each over the years. The drive from NYC to Philadelphia to see Mike has always been more than worth the effort for the satisfaction of having the best possible attention to my instruments.”

(Les Scott is a classical clarinetist & saxophonist with the NY Philharmonic, the American Symphony, the St. Louis Symphony, the Symphony of The Air, among many others. He has performed on more than 30 Broadway musicals as a flutist and 1st Reed.)

Les Scott
Clarinetist & Saxophonist, NY Philharmonic

“Mike Hammer has been a friend and colleague for almost thirty years. He is a master craftsman who is at one with the instrument and knows exactly how to communicate the needs of the instrument to each owner. He is an artist and the best in his profession. His integrity and professionalism is reflected not only in his work but in the talented team of wonderful people, which includes his partner/wife Carol, who make up Hammer Woodwinds.

Mike’s repairs have a personality and voice of their own. As I say to all my students, “If you take your instrument to Mike it will play better than it has ever played.”

Simply stated, “Mike is the best.”

Tony Salicandro
Director/Founder of Conservatory of Musical Arts Assistant Adjunct Professor of Saxophone and Flute at University of the Arts

“Having known our good friends Mike and Carole Hammer for going on 30 years, my wife Terri and I continue to rely on Mike’s artistry and craftsmanship to keep our instruments in top form and the music flowing. Many thanks!”

Paul Cigan
Clarinetist, National Symphony

“Quality woodwind repair is very hard to find these days because it requires the work of an artist. We are very fortunate to have such an artist in the Philadelphia area. Mike is without a doubt the very best at his craft. His attention to detail is second to none. Mike has been my repair man (and many of my colleagues) for more than 30 years now. He’s simply the best!”

Joe Vettori
Woodwind Doubler, Philadelphia, PA

“I have known Mike Hammer for over 20 years and greatly value his craftsmanship and insight. He is a world-class repairman and has always provided exceptional service to me and my students.”

Dr. Anthony J. Costa
Associate Professor of Clarinet Penn State University (University Park)

“I have known and appreciated Mike Hammer as a woodwind repairman since 1984 and I may have been his first customer. Mike’s knowledge of woodwind repair is only surpassed by his attention to detail. His attention to detail is not only appreciated in the music world but is also an inspiration to anyone who sincerely cares about doing things right, as well as to the best that they can accomplished.

I have utilized Mike from major reconstruction to the most sensitive adjustments and he always gets it right! My first recommendation to my college, music major students, is to immediately get their horn’s look by Mike. I instruct them that the reason you go to Mike is that you want to take away the dilemma of “is it me or the horn”. Mike’s attention to detail allows my students to place all of their energies into improving as an artist. You cannot honestly study and learn music without an instrument that works. Mike takes the instrument dilemma out of the equation.

The last time I was at Mike’s shop I joked with him and stated that if “Mike Hammer retires I may have to retire”. When I left his shop I reflected on the premise of no Hammer Woodwinds. The quality of repairs, the consistency for over the thirty years, the commitment to excellence, all I can say that I sincerely believe that Mike retiring would void that may not be replaced. I can honestly say that Mike works on everyone’s horn the same whether you are a principal in a major symphony or just taking your horn out of the proverbial wrapper, it is the same commitment to excellence.

I can honestly say that after dealing with Mike Hammer for over 30 years he is unequivocally the Best!”

Frank Mazzeo
Reed | Walnut Street Theater - Temple University Saxophone Professor - Instrumental Music Supervisor Pennsbury School District

“I’ve been a professional woodwind player in NYC for fifty-plus years. Mike Hammer has been the sole repairman of my instruments for the last twenty-two of those years. His work is of the highest quality that I have ever found. He is more than a craftsman – he’s a true artist.”

Bob Keller
Broadway Musician / Woodwind Doubler, NYC

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